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Old 09-05-2002
Power STDOUT and STDERR going to a system log

We are running HP UNIX 11.0, and a patch applied 6 months ago. Ever since the patch, any scripts that run as script_name 1>&2 will write all the output to our /etc/cmcluster/package_name/package_cntl.log which is owned by root
(the permission of the log file is -rwxr----- root sys)

Does anyone know why STDERR is not going to the screen but a log file?

This only happens when a certain user run this command.

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Old 09-12-2002
What patch did you apply and what user is running the script? Is it being run via cron?
I tried running a simple script on my system with 1>&2 and didn't really see it redirect anything anywhere. I think what you meant was 2>&1. I tried running the script with just 2>&1 as well and it did nothing. What I normally do is run the script and redirect like this:

./script >> logfile.log 2>&1

This will place STDERR and STROUT into the logfile.log.

Good Luck,
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