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batch shell script to zip individual files in directory - help

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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting batch shell script to zip individual files in directory - help
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batch shell script to zip individual files in directory - help

help trying to figure out a batch shell script to zip each file in a directory into its own zip file

using this code but it does not work

echo "3gptozip converter"
for f in "$@"
zip -j "$" "$f"
echo "Finished with 3gptozip converter"
tryed this also


echo "3gptozip converter"
if (($# ==0))
echo "Usage: 3gptozip [3gp files] ..."
while (($# !=0 ))
zip $ $1
echo "Finished with 3gptozip converter"
nothing seems to work , just ends without zipping any files

i have over 3000 files i need to zip up individualy

files to be zipped are in this format 123.flv.3gp

hopfully ending up like

is the file structure the problem

running a single zip command from shell seems to work ok

thanks for help in advance
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The first script looks excellent, if you run it like 3gptozip *.3gp
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Originally Posted by era
The first script looks excellent, if you run it like 3gptozip *.3gp

sorry to be a bit stupid but how or what do i change and where to make this work
am i not doing the

zip -j "$" "$f"

part right

or is there a problem, in the echo commands

i was tying to run it with

nohup ./ &



but is that the problem

thanks, i'm new to shell scripting by the way
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The problem is that you need to list the files you want to zip on the command line, the script doesn't contain this information. "$@" contains the arguments passed to the script on the command line.
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how whould i do that in shell ??

is it something like

nohup ./ *.3gp &


./ *.3gp

or is that the incorrect way to do it, thanks for help by the way
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thanks works ok now
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zip individual files

how to zip individual files (.txt) into its own zip file.
is it something like

directory name 'test'

for file in test/* do zip $ $file.txt?
it's not working. please help.

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