crontab is not creating runtime files which are in script..

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Old 08-27-2008
Lightbulb crontab is not creating runtime files which are in script..

this is the output i am getting here..

cp: cannot create /wls_domains/eoigw/eoigwsA/deliv/cron/MailingScript/eoigwsA_Health_Status_Report.html: Permission denied
/wls_domains/eoigw/eoigwsA/deliv/cron/MailingScript/ /wls_domains/eoigw/eoigwsA/deliv/cron/MailingScript/eoigwsA_Health_Status_Report.html: cannot create
zip I/O error: Permission denied
zip error: Could not create output file (

if i execute the script manully in the same env by using the absolute path. it works fine.. but when i use cron tab the cron cannot create the file..
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Old 08-27-2008
Question Checking environment

How do you know you have the same environment. Perhaps it would be useful to put this in your crontab for a minute or so:

* * * * * printenv|sort

When you get the email, compare it to your own command-line version.
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Old 08-27-2008
Your "cron" job on hwdusa33

produced the following output:
/wls_domains/eoigw/eoigwsA/deliv/cron/MailingScript/ /wls_domains/eoigw/eoigwsA/deliv/cron/MailingScript/teToday.log: cannot create
grep: can't open /wls_domains/eoigw/eoigwsA/deliv/cron/MailingScript/teToday.log
/wls_domains/eoigw/eoigwsA/deliv/cron/MailingScript/teToday.log: No such file or directory
/wls_domains/eoigw/eoigwsA/deliv/cron/MailingScript/ /wls_domains/eoigw/eoigwsA/deliv/cron/MailingScript/cnToday.log: cannot create
grep: can't open /wls_domains/eoigw/eoigwsA/deliv/cron/MailingScript/cnToday.log
/wls_domains/eoigw/eoigwsA/deliv/cron/MailingScript/cnToday.log: No such file or directory
/wls_domains/eoigw/eoigwsA/deliv/cron/MailingScript/ /wls_domains/eoigw/eoigwsA/logs/reports/dailyreport_env.log: cannot create
/wls_domains/eoigw/eoigwsA/deliv/cron/MailingScript/ /wls_domains/eoigw/eoigwsA/logs/reports/dailyreport_env.log: cannot create

This is what i recived as output for cron.
here is my script
when i execute it in this env it gives output as well send the mail
the cron account is on the same server.

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Old 08-27-2008
I'm afraid that doesn't help at all.
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Old 09-02-2008
here is sample

#For the crontab
35 11 * * * /home/tolamas/suru/MailingScript/
cat /home/tolamas/suru/reports/test11.res
SUBJECT="test mail dated ${MAIL_DATE} "
cat /home/tolamas/suru/reports/test12.res
echo "HI this is crontab.."
) | mailx -s ${MAIL} -r "${FROM}" -s "${SUBJECT}" ${RCPT_LIST}
#end of file

but cron is not able to execute the script
if it remove below two lines from the the cron can execute the script.

cat /home/tolamas/suru/reports/test11.res
cat /home/tolamas/suru/reports/test12.res
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Old 09-02-2008
On the first line of your script, add


and try again. Also, post what you get in the email from the instructions here:
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Old 09-02-2008
One other thing to consider - do you have the cron job defined for the same login ID that you are testing with? This sounds like a permissions issue.
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