Plink connections to multiple unix servers

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Plink connections to multiple unix servers


I have a simple windows batch file which connects to a UNIX server and runs a shell script in my home directory on the server.
It works perfectly, using plink + ssh keys in the background.

What I plan to do is expand this batch file to connect to multiple servers and execute one script on each server.

Has anyone any opinions or feedback on this plan?
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I am looking at doing the same thing...

I made a simple BAT file that send a file with PSCP and a command with PLINK, it works fine but it hangs after PLINK...

What i would like to do is:

PSCP --- dreambox1
PLINK --- dreambox1
PSCP --- dreambox2
PLINK --- dreambox2
PSCP --- dreambox3
PLINK --- dreambox3

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I got it working it was a timeout problem...

to get trough this problem i PSCP a SH script along with my file with the timeout cmd then used plink to start the SH script.

PSCP --- dreambox1--- file
PSCP --- dreambox1--- SH
PLINK --- dreambox1--- start SH
PSCP --- dreambox2--- file
PSCP --- dreambox2--- SH
PLINK --- dreambox2--- start SH
PSCP --- dreambox3--- file
PSCP --- dreambox3--- SH
PLINK --- dreambox3--- start SH

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