using array inside awk

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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting using array inside awk
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using array inside awk

Hi All,

I have the following code sequence for reading some bulk file and moving the content to two different arrays.

while read data
THREEG_PATTERN=`echo $data | egrep "3G"`
if [ "$data" == "$THREEG_PATTERN" ]
NEW_THREEG_PATTERN=`echo $THREEG_PATTERN | cut -d " " -f2`

done < $_pat

This code is working perfectly but this is taking long time because of big file size.... How can i improve the performance of this process by using awk or other mechanism? Or how can i convert this entire code to awk? Looking forward ur reply

Thanks in advance
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If you post an example of your input and the desired output (or whatever you want to do with it), it would be easier.
# 3  
Yes, the old
while read rec; do 
    # process stuff
done < file

construct is notoriously slow and thus should only be used
on small to moderately big files.
I would go for Perl.
Without having looked too carefully at your processing,
and without even having tried for correct syntax
some Perl statement like this might do?
$ perl -ane 'push @ary,$F[1] if /3G/;END{$"="\n";print"@ary"}' file_to_read_from

# 4  
Hi ,
Thanks for the reply

My input file will be like this

3G ^Alcatel-OT-S920\/
3G ^Amoi.*A500
3G SPV.*C200
3G ^Levis_Original_3G
3G ASUS-P735
3G ^SIE-E71F\/
3G ^SIE-E71\/
3G SPV.*M650
3G ^HTC-P4550
3G ^HTC-P4550-orange\/
3G ^HTC-P5500-orange\/
3G SPV.*C100
3G SPV.*C600
3G SPV.*C700
3G SPV.*E65

And i need to stroe these things in to 2 differnt arrays ...
# 5  
and once you have built the arrays? What's the next task?
# 6  
After that some other functions will read the values from these two arrays and compare the values which they have ....

Thanks and Regards,
# 7  
It's quite easy to build those arrays with Awk and Perl, but you should continue to use those languages for the next task:

mint% awk 'END {
  while (++n <= i)
    printf "tg_a, element %d: %s\n", n, tg_a[n]
  while (++m <= j)
    printf "sp_a, element %d: %s\n", m, sp_a[m]
  if (/^3G/)
    tg_a[++i] = $2
    sp_a[++j] = $0
  }' file
tg_a, element 1: ^Alcatel-OT-S920\/
tg_a, element 2: ^Amoi.*A500
tg_a, element 3: SPV.*C200
tg_a, element 4: ^Levis_Original_3G
tg_a, element 5: ASUS-P735
tg_a, element 6: ^SIE-E71F\/
tg_a, element 7: ^SIE-E71\/
tg_a, element 8: ^SIE-ELF1
tg_a, element 9: SPV.*M650
tg_a, element 10: ^HTC-P4550
tg_a, element 11: ^HTC-P4550-orange\/
tg_a, element 12: ^HTC-P5500-orange\/
tg_a, element 13: SPV.*C100
tg_a, element 14: SPV.*C600
tg_a, element 15: SPV.*C700
tg_a, element 16: SPV.*E65
sp_a, element 1: ^Sagem-my401C
sp_a, element 2: ^SAGEM-my411C-orange
sp_a, element 3: ^SAGEM-my511X-orange
sp_a, element 4: ^SEC-SGHC520
sp_a, element 5: ^SEC-SGHD520\/
sp_a, element 6: ^SEC-SGHE570\/
sp_a, element 7: ^SEC-SGHF210
sp_a, element 8: ^SEC-SGHF300\/
sp_a, element 9: ^SAMSUNG-SGH-F490
sp_a, element 10: ^SEC-SGHP310
sp_a, element 11: ^SEC-SGHP520
sp_a, element 12: ^SAMSUNG-SGH-D500\/
sp_a, element 13: ^SAMSUNG-SGH-D600\/
sp_a, element 14: ^SAMSUNG-SGH-D900

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