egrep/grep result of more files

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egrep/grep result of more files

hi ,

I'm new at unix bash scripting, im playing a little bit with egrep/grep.

I have serveral files and i do a search on those files, like "aki", the result
is many rows outcoming and serveral of them are dubble because aki wil come more than ones in a file, how can i get a result that it will show only
one outcoming per file, i mean i need only to know it aki is in the file yes or no, then only show the files names where the result is true, now it
find in some files over more that 10 times, the result is 10 times the same file. (that's logic..)

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Use the -l option to only list the names of files which match.
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grep -l "searchstring"  filename

Please see man command for the help text.
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Oops i missed that one,

Thanks all!
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