Find and Replace in multiple files (Shell script)

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Old 08-20-2002
Find and Replace in multiple files (Unix Shell script)

hi guys,

Suppose you have 100 files in a folder and you want to replace all occurances of a word say "ABCD" in those files with "DCBA", how would you do
it ???


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Old 08-20-2002

try this,

cd <your_folder>
ls >


:%s/^/perl -pi -e 's\/ABCD\/DCBA\/' /

save and exit


and bingo....

"perl -pi -e 's/abcd/dcba/' filename" will basically do the substitution and listing all the files in a file then prepending this string in front of each filename, will produce a shell script which would run this perl command on each of the files.

hope it helps
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Old 08-21-2002
If I understand what you're asking, this code should do what you want (ksh):

cd your_pathname
for i in `lx`; do
FOUND=`grep ABCD $i`
if [ "$FOUND" ]
sed -e 's/ABCD/DCBA/g' < $i > $TMP
mv $TMP $i
echo "The file $i does not include the word ABCD"

This script reads each file in your_pathname, searches for the string ABCD, and either replaces it with DCBA or alerts you that the string ABCD was not found.

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Old 08-21-2002
This is a bit simplier.

for y in `ls *`;
do sed "s/ABCD/DCBA/g" $y > temp; mv temp $y;
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Old 08-22-2002
well there are so many different ways of doing it.

but what i am suggesting is why unnecessary create a temporary file when you can do without.

also, any suggestions from anyone, which of the above mentioned methods would be fastest.
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Old 08-22-2002
I would bet that peter's is faster...

You could make it a split second faster by getting rid of the `ls *` though...

If could just be:
for y in *
since the shell will expand the * into all of the file names...
If you had directories in there, you'd want to use "find" to get only the files...
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Old 08-22-2002

remember you are redirecting output to a file and then moving the file back to the original
what if the file sizes are of the order of tens of MBs.
secondly, the shell script would compulsorily do it for all the files in the directory.
but while using a file, you can customize your renaming process.
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