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convert fixed length file to CSV

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Old 08-06-2008
convert fixed length file to CSV


Looking for a script to convert my input file to delimited text file. Not familier with AWK or shell programing. Below is sample record in my input file and the expected output format. My OS is HPUX 11.23.

Thanks in advance for your assistance.


input file:
4002000W1ABCDABCD7821 123456789071001080600W1VUF 34216002902291LSN 1230-1630 +000000+000400+00000000+00009164+0

4002000W1JKLMABCD6022 123456789071001080600W1VUF 34360001302894UOM +000000+000000+00000000+00014514+0

4002000W1JKLMABCD6022 123456789071001080600W1VUF 34360001302791RFN123456 +000000+008000+00000000+00223280+0

4002000W1JKLMABCD6022 123456789071001080600W1VUFC34360001303067UJN +000000+000000+00000000+00015213+0

Output file should look like this:

4002000 W1ABCD ABCD 7821 123456789 071001 080600 W1VUF 34216002902291 LSN 1230-1630 +000000 +000400 +00000000 +00009164 +000400 +0000916450125 +00000000

4002000 W1JKLM ABCD 6022 123456789 071001 080600 W1VUF 34360001302894 UOM +000000 +000000 +00000000 +00014514 +000000 +0001451413125 +00000000

4002000 W1JKLM ABCD 6022 123456789 071001 080600 W1VUF 34360001302791 RFN 123456 +000000 +008000 +00000000 +00223280 +008000 +0022328050125 +00000000

4002000 W1JKLM ABCD 6022 123456789 071001 080600 W1VUFC 34360001303067 UJN +000000 +000000 +00000000 +00015213 +000000 +0001521313125 +00000000
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Old 08-06-2008
Question Am I reading your sample right?

It looks like each of the first three records will have slightly different rules.
(1) has 1230-1630 as field
(2) does not have this field
(3) creates this field by splitting off the previous field

rec (4) appears like rec (2)
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Old 08-06-2008
Yes, that is correct the rules will be different. How do you set the delimiter(,) if there is nothing in the field(ie field 11 of record 2,3 and 4?

1230-1630 is a field. Basically REC1 is the master record format.
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Old 08-06-2008
Question Maybe let's talk this through for rules before going further

There are three possible record layouts. So, read the record.
if five fields separated by " " space characters, then type A
if four fields and field 3 is 17 characters, then type B
if four fields and field 3 is 23 characters, then type C (similar to type A)

Is this correct logic?
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Old 08-06-2008
Can you use perl? If so, you can build a mask for each of the three fixed format records, then unpack() them and join() them using your delimiter (looks like a space, supposed to be comma in CSV??)....

$mycsv = join(" ", unpack("mask-goes-here"));
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Old 08-06-2008
that is correct
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Old 08-06-2008
Hi Quine

sorry Im not a programmer. No knowledge of Perl.

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