split and making an array inside another array

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split and making an array inside another array

I want to run an awk split on a value that has been pushed through an array and I was wondering what the syntax should be??

e.g. running time strings through an array and trying to examine just minutes:

awk '                    
split($0,a[i],":"); print a[i][2]

I guess I'm wondering how to format for the subsection?? (a[i])[2] ???


edit also will this substring from the split come out of the slit function as a number? e.g. can I do math on it or will it be a 'word'? If its a word can I make it a number?

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try this: setting a field separator.
awk -F: '{ a[FNR]=$1; b[FNR]=$2; c[FNR]=$3 }
            for(i in a) { hour+=a[i]}
            for(i in b) { min+=b[i]}
            for(i in c) { sec+=c[i]}
            printf "hours=%d min=%d sec=%d\", hour, min,sec)
            } ' inputfile

And yes, you can perform arithmetic as you see above.
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What exactly you want to do with the minutes?

% print '12:25:30
08:55:23'|awk 'END{for(m in _){split(m, t, ":");print t[2]+1}}{_[$0]}'

Or just:

% print '12:25:30
08:55:23'|awk -F: '$0=$2+1'

Awk does not support multidimensional arrays, you can simulate them.

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