Grep or Tail in shell script

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Grep or Tail in shell script


I am writing a shell script that checks catalina logs on a production system and mails me if it detects errors.
It greps the logs for known errors which i have defined as variables.
The problem is the logs are huge, approx 30,000 before they rotate.
So I am forced to use grep instead of tailing 30,000 lines.

But while testing grep I end up getting re-notified of previous errors that still exist in the logs.

Is there another way of doing this?
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Save a wc -l result from the logfile in a file, then use sed to resume where you left off
start=$(cat wherewasi)
now=$(sed -n '=$' logfile)
if [[ $now -lt $start]] ; then
echo $now > wherewasi
sed -n "$start, $now p" logfile | grep 'stuff i want to find'

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Great idea, thanks Jim
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That is quite an expensive way to do it since it causes sed to read the entire file twice per iteration. You can instead obtain the $now from the file size, and use tail -c to jump to that offset:

now=$(ls -l moxy.log | awk '{print $5}')
if [[ $now -lt $start ]] ; then
echo $now > wherewasi
tail -c +$(($start + 1)) moxy.log | grep 'stuff i want to find'

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