search for the matched pattern by tracing back from the line

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search for the matched pattern by tracing back from the line


I want to grep the line which has 'data11'.then from that line, i need to trace back and find out the immediate line which has the same timestamp of that grepped line.
for eg:
log file:
[22/Jan/2008:19:37:00-20401-59-2] Process - data
[22/Jan/2008:19:37:00-20401-59-2] Process - datavalue - 2345
[22/Mar/2008:19:37:00-20401-63-2] Process - data
[01/Jul/2008:19:37:00-20401-63-2] Process - data
[22/Jul/2008:19:37:00-20401-63-2] Process - data
[22/Jan/2008:19:37:00-20401-59-2] Process - data11

so here ,first i will grep for 'data11' and i will get the line number as 6.Then from the line6 ,i have to trace back and find out the immediate line which has the same it is [22/Jan/2008:19:37:00-20401-59-2].so the result line is 2.How to get this using grep?
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1. find your desired timestamp
2. find all the lines contain that timestamp
3. get the second last one

temp=`cat file | grep data11 | nawk '{sub(/\[/,"",$1);sub(/\]/,"",$1);print $1}'`
cat a | grep $temp > file.t
tail -2 file.t | head -1

# 3  
You can avoid the use of temporary files, Useless Use of Cat, and Useless Use of Grep | Awk:

grep `nawk '/data11/{sub ...}' file` a | tail -2 | head -1

For extra points, modify the awk script so it prints out a sed script which does the right thing.
# 4  
cleaner to do this:

#  awk '/data11/{print c[$1]};{c[$1]=$0}' file1
[22/Jan/2008:19:37:00-20401-59-2] Process - datavalue - 2345

otherwise you're making assumptions that there are only two lines with that timestamp....
# 5  
I am doing some grep operation and some other operations and finding this lineno.From this line I want to go back and find the immediate matched line with that timestamp.
# 6  
My code is like this.

for i in $(grep -n data11 file.txt|cut -d: -f1)
sed -n "${i},${i}p" logfile.txt|cut -d" " -f5 >> msg.txt
sed -n "${i},${i}p" logfile.txt|cut -d: -f1 >> msg.txt
sed -n "${i},${i}p" logfile.txt|cut -d: -f2,3 >> msg.txt

In this after do,i need to get that matched lineno.
# 7  
Can anyone tell me How I can get the result?
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