Finding Last occurance of another pattern when a pattern is found.

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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting Finding Last occurance of another pattern when a pattern is found.
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MySQL Finding Last occurance of another pattern when a pattern is found.


I have two files viz,

$ cat rak1
#this is test


xxx 0

[section 3]

$ cat rak2
#this is test



xxx 0

[section 3]
sdiff rak1 rak2


$ sdiff rak1 rak2
#this is test #this is test

[section1] [section1]

[section2] [section2]
xxx 0 xxx 0
NOP 6 | NOTA 5
> TOCN 8

[section 3] [section 3]
ZMAN 8 <
I want the lines that got modified, changed, or deleted preceding with the section they are in.

I have done this so far:

$ sdiff rak1 rak2 | sed 's/ //g' | grep -n "." | egrep -e "\||<|>" | sed '/>$/d'
5:ZMAN 4 |ZMAN 9
10:NOP 6 |NOTA 5
11:>TOCN 8
20:ZMAN 8 <
but I dont know how to put section in front of the changed,added or deleted lines.

Also it would be appreciated if the output could be printed as

[section X] <valInFile1/valInFile2> <valInFile1/valInFile2>
and so on.

Please Help me out
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I do not see why you need the egrep. Use sed for that filtering - easy.
Now, using -n option you prevent sed from printing unnessesary line.
After that just print what you need: lines with section number and lines with changes:
> sdiff rak1 rak2 | grep -n "." | sed -n '/>$/d; /section/p; /[|<>]/p'

Ok, deleting still needed

The only not-nice, the sections with no changes will be in that printout

I could not get it by 'sed'
Easy with nawk:
nawk '{if ( ($0 !~ /section/) || (prev !~ /section/) ) print prev; prev=$0;}
        END{if ($0 !~ /section/) print $0;}'

Not clear why it has empty line in beginning and end; so, remove it by :
>...|nawk NF;

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