Hello - new here - bash script - need to rename and zip files.

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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting Hello - new here - bash script - need to rename and zip files.
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Hello - new here - bash script - need to rename and zip files.

I'm working on a project that basically unzips three zip files.
When these unzip they create about 70+ directories with subdirectories of year/month with about 3 to 9 pdf files in each directory.

Basically, I'm needing to figure out a way to zip these pdf files up.
for instance the script is in /home/reports/
the zip files are in:

Right now the script unzips the files, moves the original zip files to another directory for backup and replaces whitespaces with _ and strips dashes in the directory and file names.

I've fiddled around with the zip command a bit and keep encountering issues.

When I zip these files up, the three pdfs should be in one zip file for each client.

I'm new to scripting.
But I'm pretty logical. I'm thinking I should be able to variablize the directories or something and have the script enter each one and zip up the files located within. But I don't want to have to script cd /directory/here/etc... 70+ times.

Any help is appreciated.
If it needs explained in a different manner, please let me know.
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I got a solution for this:

ls -1 | xargs -n1 -i zip -r {} {} -i \*.pdf

Thanks anyways...

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