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Old 07-15-2008
Java Sending HTML attachment through mail

I am new to unix and scripting.I am trying to send a html file as an attachment.
SUBJECT="Type of Exceptions in Application"
#echo "Send the E-mail message..."
uuencode $SPOOLFILE $SPOOLFILE | mailx -s "$SUBJECT" $TO

But the message i am getting contains text which are garbled.I donot have the permission to use sendmail option(i think so as it is command not found for the path).
So how to send a mail containing html attachment.Please suggest.Thanks in advance.

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Old 07-15-2008
Try to tar or compress the file and check if the output is still garbled. Or you might try to send a simple file which contains just some simple characters like "hello here i am".
With what tool did you check the attachment?
If you receive the mail on unix, you might use a tool like munpack or mail client that is able to separate the attachment from the mail text.
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Old 07-15-2008

Thanks for responding.
I am not getting the attachment,instead its appearing in the message body itself.Its coming like this:

begin 644 /tmp/scripthtml
- Hide quoted text -
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