upload excel file contents to server

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upload excel file contents to server

I have an excel file with only 5 rows .I want to uplaod those 5 rows to a database using a shell script.Is this possible.If so where do i start.
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is this one time effort or you have to do this every time?
if its just one time only:
1) export the excel file as csv , choose a suitable delimiter
2) loop through the csv file, construct SQL statements as you go along
3) depending on which database you have, there will usually be some command line database tool to bcp into the database.

if its every time you need to do this: i suggest you use programming languages such as Perl/Python which have libraries to extract data from excel file (automated). Then as usual, construct SQL statements and do your database updating. there may also be command line tools designed to extract excel data as well so you can also use that in your script.
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