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Extract all attachments from unix mailbox file

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Old 06-24-2008
Extract all attachments from unix mailbox file

Hi guys,

I wondering if someone already wrote a script for this, it looks easy for the first shot but I would say it's a bit advanced.

I want to extract all my email attachments from /var/mail/username (Unix mail format) + from my local mails (Maildir format) to a directory with the original filename, and rename it automatically if 2 attachments have the same name. Thunderbird has an extension for it but I would like to do it with shellscript.

If noone knows script for this (tried googling of course) then I write my own.
Pbly sed would be sufficient to process the whole mailbox file and find the attachments as records.


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Old 06-24-2008
Originally Posted by raynor
(.. )Pbly sed would be sufficient to process the whole mailbox file and find the attachments as records.
Doing ops on e-mail is IMHO better (safer) using tools that understand e-mail (just like you don't write your MBR with a hex editor). In this case you could use "munpack":
find dir containing files | while read file; do
 create tempdir and copy file there
 run munpack on file and copy attachments elsewhere
 destroy tempdir (contents)

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Old 06-24-2008
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Old 06-24-2008


Thanks for the answers. Actually both of you give an answer which is part of the solution. I was thinking that someone must wrote a tool like munpack for it.

The only problem with munpack that it can't process a single mailbox file, eg: thunderbird's inbox. It only works if I make a test.txt which containst only a single mail which starts with:

From <sender> Mon Jun 16 20:42:11 2008
and ends with

So I still have to cut this file apart to single mails in order to extract the attachments from them but I can do it from here. Thx guys.
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Old 06-25-2008
Originally Posted by raynor
The only problem with munpack that it can't process a single mailbox file, eg: thunderbird's inbox.
Yeah, I read over that in your OP. You could automate separating e-mails and processing them individually with munpack using a procmail recipe.

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