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Unix shell script to parse the contents of comma-separated file

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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting Unix shell script to parse the contents of comma-separated file
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Old 06-18-2008
Unix shell script to parse the contents of comma-separated file

Dear All,

I have a comma-separated file.
1. The first line of the file(header) should have 4 commas(5 fields).
2. The last line of the file should have 1 comma(2 fields).

Pls help me in checking this condition in a shell script.

And the number of lines between the first line and last line of the file, should match with the last field of the first and last line.

That is, the last field of first and last line wil have a number, that should match with {number of line in the file} -2.

Pls help me out with this.

Example file: QDB_2008.txt


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Old 06-18-2008
awk -F, '
NR==1 { expect=$NF; fields=NF; last=0 }
NF != fields { last=NR;
  if (NR != 2) print NR ": wrong number of fields: " $0;
  if ($NF != expect) print NR ": last field value not the same as on first line"
  if ($NF != NR-2) print NR ": last field not equal to line count minus two"
  if ($NF != expect) print NR ": line count from first line not identical"
last > 0 && NR > last { print NR ": wrong number of fields: " $0 }' QDB_2008.txt

Slightly unwieldy, but should hopefully at least get you started.
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Old 06-18-2008
Hammer & Screwdriver Not as elegant, but a different way of approaching the matter

> cat chk_valid 
#! /bin/bash
# script to check on file conditions


line_1=$(head -1 $ifile)
line_lst=$(tail -1 $ifile)
line_cnt=$(cat $ifile | wc -l)

line_1_val=$(echo $line_1 | cut -d"," -f5)
line_lst_val=$(echo $line_lst | cut -d"," -f2 | cut -d"#" -f1)

if [ "$line_1_val" -ne "$line_lst_val" ]
   echo "Error - header & footer line counts differ"

if [ "$detl_cnt" -ne "$line_1_val" ]
   echo "Error - # detail lines does not match expected counts"

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Old 06-19-2008
Hi ,

The above code works fine.
I want to run the script after adding newline character at the end of file.

Pls let me know how to append a newline character at the end of the file, if it does not exists.

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Old 06-19-2008
awk 1 file

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Old 06-19-2008
$ echo "" >> file

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Old 06-19-2008
Originally Posted by ripat
$ echo "" >> file

This always append a newline at the end of a file while the OP wants to append a newline character at the end of the file, only if it does not exists.


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