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Old 06-09-2008
Error Help: return values from awk

I have a script like this:

nawk 'BEGIN {FS=","; TOT1=0; REJ1=0;} {
if($7=="TOTAL") { TOT1=TOT1 +$8}
if($7=="REJS") { REJ1=REJ1 +$8}

}' FILE_123.dat

and what I need is to be able to use the values stored in TOT1 and REJ1 in the unix env to compare them and decide if send an email or not like this:

if [ $REJ1 > $TOT1/30 ] { mailx xxxxxxxxxx }

How can I read/use those values out of the awk?

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Old 06-09-2008
print out the values ( for example )


Then use eval to call the nawk.

# echo world | nawk '{ print "hello=" $1 }'
# eval $(echo world | nawk '{ print "hello=" $1 }')
# echo $hello

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