Shell script to manipulate a message count for the same IP @ diff session

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Old 05-28-2008
Question Shell script to manipulate a message count for the same IP @ diff session

I have a file as like below,

10:20:30.45 	START
10:20:31.46 	HELLO
10:20:32.46	START
10:20:33.44	END
10:20:35.44 	HELLO
10:20:36.56 	HELLO
10:20:37.78 	HELLO
10:20:38.99 	START
10:20:39.11 	HELLO
10:20:40.23 	HELLO
10:20:41.23 	END
10:20:45.45 	HELLO
10:20:47.66 	HELLO
10:20:50.32 	END

I need the output like this,

No. Of Hello for 10:20:30:40 - 1
No. Of Hello for 10:20:30:41 - 4
No. Of Hello for 10:20:30:40 - 3


END - START for IP 10:20:30:40 -(10:20:33.44-10:20:30.45)=2.99
END - START for IP 10:20:30:41 -(10:20:41.23-10:20:32.46)=8.77
END - START for IP 10:20:30:40 -(10:20:50.32-10:20:38.99)=11.33

Note: Same IP will be get repeated, but i need a seperate "count" & "Time taken" of HELLO for the same IP at different session...Please help me out to solve this

Thanks in advance
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Old 05-28-2008
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