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Old 05-22-2008
make multiple line containing a pattern into single line

I have the following data file.
zz=aa azxc-1234 aa=aa
zz=bb azxc-1234 bb=bb
zz=cc azxc-1234 cc=cc
zz=dd azxc-2345 dd=dd
zz=ee azxc-2345 ee=ee
zz=ff azxc-3456 ff=ff
zz=gg azxc-4567 gg=gg
zz=hh azxc-4567 hh=hh
zz=ii azxc-4567 ii=ii

I want to make 2nd field pattern matching multiple lines into single line.
So the output will be:
zz=aa azxc-1234 aa=aa zz=bb azxc-1234 bb=bb zz=cc azxc-1234 cc=cc
zz=dd azxc-2345 dd=dd zz=ee azxc-2345 ee=ee
zz=ff azxc-3456 ff=ff
zz=gg azxc-4567 gg=gg zz=hh azxc-4567 hh=hh zz=ii azxc-4567 ii=ii


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Old 05-22-2008
Hammer & Screwdriver Here is an example of something I had to write recently

My input file had customer info and auto info. My goal was to combine records where a customer had more than one auto, so only one letter would be sent. Random notes:
comptxt is what I am comparing, the customer info
autotxt is the vehicle specifics
comptxts hold the saved information
you will see me write lots of "|" pipes, so I can later easily manipulate the data
the script must do a last write since I fall out of the loop when done reading, but I did not write the last record
For you, compare cut -c1-15 similar to my comptxt, and cut -c17-20 similar to my autotxt.
Lastly, there might be a few other variables in that code section you can ignore as they were more for my purposes (like vehcnt).

#combine lines where key is same
echo "** extracting info from "$wkfile30" to "$wkfile40

while read zf
      recno=$((recno + 1))
#grab the key name for comparison
      comptxt=$(echo "$zf" | cut -d"|" -f2)
      autotxt=$(echo "$zf" | cut -d"|" -f3)
#need to skip first time through since of course different
      if [ -n "$comptxts" ]
         if [ "$comptxts" != "$comptxt" ]
#format output dataline
               vehcnttxt=$(printf "%.4d" "$vehcnt")
               autotxto=$(printf "%-100s" "$autotxts")
               echo "$outtxt1""|""$vehcnttxt""|""$autotxto""|-" >>$wkfile40


   done < $wkfile30

#still need to output the last record !!
vehcnttxt=$(printf "%.4d" "$vehcnt")
autotxto=$(printf "%-100s" "$autotxts")
echo "$outtxt1""|""$vehcnttxt""|""$autotxto""|-" >>$wkfile40

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Old 05-22-2008
If the input is ordered by the second field:

awk 'END{print RS}$0=_[$2]++||NR==1?$0:RS$0' ORS= input

awk 'END{for(r in _)print _[r]}{_[$2]=_[$2]?_[$2] FS $0:$0}' input

Use awk or /usr/xpg4/bin/awk on Solaris.

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Old 05-23-2008

It worked so well!!!!
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Old 08-06-2008

Can you guys please help me do the following.

I have a file with a server name and a list of mac addresses (variable length) on separate lines, need to put them all in one line separated by space:

Have this:


want this:
servername 00:03:6e:4e:4f:5c 00:09:7b:4e:4c:6d 00:04:55:5a:8d:ec ....

Can someone please help, thanks so much....
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Old 08-06-2008
Use nawk or /usr/xpg4/bin/awk on Solaris:

awk 'END { print _ }
!/:/ && _ { print _; _ = "" }
{ _ = _ ? _ FS $0 : $0 }
' filename


perl -nle'BEGIN { $, = " " }
  print @x and undef @x if not /:/ and @x;
  push @x, $_;
  END { print @x }
' filename

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Old 08-07-2008
Thanks so much for your response however, I am getting error when running the command, any chance you can take a look? Thanks again.

>awk 'END { print _ }
> !/:/ && x++ { print _; _ = "" }
> { _ = _ ? _ FS $0 : $0 }
> ' file.mac
awk: syntax error near line 2
awk: bailing out near line 2
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