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Old 06-06-2002
Question ksh parameter --- change

I am reading a file into a parameter in my program

typeset nums_type

if the contents of nums_type = asdfghbqwerty

how do make a new paremeter eqaul to the 7th character of nums_type.

${type} = b
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Old 06-06-2002
I would not use type as a variable name since there is a type command. And using typeset without any options only makes sense inside a function. But here is one way to get that character:
#! /usr/bin/ksh


echo $y
exit 0

There are other ways, but I like this since it does not invoke any external programs.
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Old 06-06-2002
I personaly like sed and its placeholders - although it's an external program Smilie

Would look like:

y=`echo $x| sed "s/\(......\)\(.\)\(.*\)/\2/"`
echo $y
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