shell script required to convert rows to columns

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Bug shell script required to convert rows to columns

Hi Friends,

I have a log file as below

siteid = HYD
spc = 100
rset = RS_D_M
siteid = DEL
spc = 200
rset = RS_K_L
siteid = DEL2
spc = 210
rset = RS_D_M

Now I need a output like column wise as below.

siteid SPC rset
HYD 100 RS_D_M
DEL 200 RS_K_L

Can anybody help me.

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Check this post may help you
# 3  
cat filename  | sed 's/ //g' | nawk 'BEGIN{FS="=";n=1}
print "siteid    spc   rset"
	print a[t]"    "a[t1]"   "a[t2]

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