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Round with awk

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Round with awk

Hi, I have a problem. Basically I dont know how to use awk. I have a script (below) which works fine.

What I want to do is somehow "pipe" in the input say 4.5 and have it give the anwer, I dont want ot have to type it in, since it will be running in a script.

Any ideas how to do this????

# round.awk --- do normal rounding

function round(x, ival, aval, fraction)
ival = int(x) # integer part, int() truncates

# see if fractional part
if (ival == x) # no fraction
return x

if (x < 0) {
aval = -x # absolute value
ival = int(aval)
fraction = aval - ival
if (fraction >= .5)
return int(x) - 1 # -2.5 --> -3
return int(x) # -2.3 --> -2
} else {
fraction = x - ival
if (fraction >= .5)
return ival + 1
return ival

# test harness
{ print round($0)
exit 1
# 2  
Another way instead of a function to accomplish this:

echo "4.5" | awk '{printf("%d\n",$0+=$0<0?-0.5:0.5)}'


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