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concatenate all duplicate line in a file.

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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting concatenate all duplicate line in a file.
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Old 04-29-2008
Question concatenate all duplicate line in a file.

Hi All,

i have a zip file like the format















i need concate all duplicate line like


the file size is nearly 30 MB.So it takes lot of time.I have to do it with in 15 min.

please help me.

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Old 04-29-2008
What happened to the dollar amount at the end of the line?
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Old 04-29-2008
Tested and working.

#!/usr/bin/env python

import sys

input = open(sys.argv[1], 'r')

dict = {}

for line in input:

    line = line.rstrip()

    if line.count("|"):
        line = line.split("|")
        if dict.has_key(line[0]):
            dict[line[0]] = line[1:3]

for key, value in dict.items():

    print("%s|%s" % (key, "|".join(value)))

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Old 04-30-2008
I don't know python script.Is it possible write simple shell script? I have done it but it takes lot of time.
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Old 04-30-2008
Gift horse and all that ...

Assuming you mean take all values with an identical first field, and paste together fields 2 and 3 from all those lines, something like

sort file |
awk -F '|' '$1 == prev { collect=collect "|" $2 "|" $3; next }
{ if (collect) print collect; prev = $1; collect = $1 "|" $2 "|" $3; next }
END { if (collect) print collect }'

The sort might kill you if it's a very small or old system, but having sorted input makes the awk script very simple.
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Old 04-30-2008
Thanks!! It is working....Smilie
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Old 08-25-2008

I am facing a big problem...It gives me wrong result



pls help me.


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