generating line numbers

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generating line numbers

hello All

Do anybody know how to generat number line
that is puting the number of lines at the begining of a new line, with d bracket by the side

any help would be nice
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The "Similar Threads" at the bottom of this page would be a good place to start. (Too bad the forums don't display that until you have posted your question.)
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I kjnow the cat -n works but puting the ) after each number line is complicated bit
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cat -n "$file" | sed -e 's/^ *[1-9][0-9]*/&)/'

The regular expression matches start of line, zero or more spaces, and a nonzero positive integer, and sed replaces any match with whatever matched (& is the "magic" character which does this) and a right parenthesis.

Actually this is probably easier in awk.

awk '{ print NR ") " $0 }' "$file"

NR is the current line number and $0 is the input line.

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sed = a | sed 'N; s/^/     /; s/ *\(.\{6,\}\)\n/\1)  /'

# 6  
nl -s\)\  -w1 file

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any other way without the sed and awk plssss
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