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comparing strings

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comparing strings

i have a string in a file which gets repeated number of times like below:
and so on

using awk or grep how can i comapre the string( as the second half keeps varying) and store it in a temporary variable? I am using the below command, but it is not working.
awk'/rpttxt/ { if ( $1=='rpttxt*') i=$1}
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if ($1 =~ /^rpttxt/)

This compares $1 to a regular expression which starts with "rpttxt" and can contain anything (or nothing) after that.

Your script is slightly redundant because you are already looking for "rpttxt" in the condition. Maybe you could take out the "if" altogether.

awk '/^rpttxt/{ i = $1 }' file

If you need i to contain only "rpttxt" (or only the stuff inside the parentheses) you still have some work to do. Maybe look at the match() and substr() functions in that case. Or split() on double quote, and just take the middle element from the resulting array.
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Thanks a lot for your reply. What if rpttxt is not the starting string for eg:-
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Then you'll need to take out the ^ after all. Make sure there are no accidental matches then, though.

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