how can i pick the latest log file as per below

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Old 04-04-2008
how can i pick the latest log file as per below

in the below .. i want to pick the latest logfile which is having JPS.PR inside..

that means i want particularly "spgport040408041223.log:@@@@@@@@ 04:13:09 Adding: JPS.PR."
which is latest among these..
is it possible to compare the current time with logfile time ?

reptm@xblr0758rop> grep -i adding spg* | grep JPS.PR | grep -iv equation
spgport040108014525.log:@@@@@@@@ 01:46:17 Adding: JPS.PR.
spgport040108014824.log:@@@@@@@@ 01:49:14 Adding: JPS.PR.
spgport040108021914.log:@@@@@@@@ 02:20:09 Adding: JPS.PR.
spgport040108022211.log:@@@@@@@@ 02:23:03 Adding: JPS.PR.
spgport040108022658.log:@@@@@@@@ 02:27:52 Adding: JPS.PR.
spgport040108023238.log:@@@@@@@@ 02:33:30 Adding: JPS.PR.
spgport040108024642.log:@@@@@@@@ 02:47:32 Adding: JPS.PR.
spgport040108024908.log:@@@@@@@@ 02:50:00 Adding: JPS.PR.
spgport040108025235.log:@@@@@@@@ 02:53:25 Adding: JPS.PR.
spgport040108030449.log:@@@@@@@@ 03:05:39 Adding: JPS.PR.
spgport040108031557.log:@@@@@@@@ 03:16:48 Adding: JPS.PR.
spgport040108041535.log:@@@@@@@@ 04:16:25 Adding: JPS.PR.
spgport040408041223.log:@@@@@@@@ 04:13:09 Adding: JPS.PR.
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Old 04-05-2008
CPU & Memory Just use tail command with your command

If your command

grep -i adding spg* | grep JPS.PR | grep -iv equation

is fetching the right set of file and if its just a matter of picking up the latest file then use tail -1 with your command ...

the command will be
grep -i adding spg* | grep JPS.PR | grep -iv equation | tail -1

I think this must work.....
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Old 04-02-2009
Command we tried using to grep ERROR from lastest 1 log files from 5 logs files available in that particular directory is:
grep ERROR 'ls -ltr | tail -1'

but this command is not working.. for me its saying.. cannot open DistributeImageFilesToTarget_10_dataLocations_PhillipinesDataLocations.xml.log

if i give ls -lrt for all the files in that diretory

-------r-- 1 egdevbb intdev 5022 Apr 2 05:13 DistributeDataFilesToTarget_4_dataLocations_ChinaDataLocations.xml.log
-------r-- 1 egdevbb intdev 1672 Apr 2 05:14 DistributeImageFilesToTarget_14_dataLocations_WHQDataLocations.xml.log
-------r-- 1 egdevbb intdev 7480 Apr 2 05:15 DistributeImageFilesToTarget_60_dataLocations_IndonesiaDataLocations.xml.log
-------r-- 1 egdevbb intdev 2113 Apr 2 05:34 DistributeImageFilesToTarget_8_dataLocations_MalaysiaDataLocations.xml.log
-------r-- 1 egdevbb intdev 2107 Apr 2 05:39 DistributeImageFilesToTarget_10_dataLocations_PhillipinesDataLocations.xml.log
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Old 04-05-2009
Try "ls -1tr" in place of "ls -ltr". The parameter "-1" (-one) just displays the filename as distinct from "-l" (-ell) which gives more detail and confuses your script.
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Old 04-05-2009
Originally Posted by methyl
Try "ls -1tr" in place of "ls -ltr". The parameter "-1" (-one) just displays the filename as distinct from "-l" (-ell) which gives more detail and confuses your script.
Thank you for that insight!
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