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Old 04-02-2008
Parsing text from file

Any ideas?

1)loop through text file
2)extract everything between SOL and EOL
3)output files, for example: 123.txt and 124.txt for the file below

So far I have:
sed -n "/SOL/,/EOL/{p;/EOL/q;}" file

Here is an example of my text file.

something goes here
something goes here

something goes here


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bntext(5)							File Formats Manual							 bntext(5)

bnmotd.txt, bnnews.txt bnissue.txt - messages for the Unix daemon DESCRIPTION
The file bnmotd.txt contains text displayed by bnetd(1), when users first log into the server. The file bnnews.txt contains text displayed when the user uses the /news chat command. The files consist of raw text with printf-style formatting escapes. Each line of a file can contain a type formatter from the following list: %B Use the broadcast attribute (???). %C Execute the line as if the user entered it as a command. %E Use the error attribute (red). %I Use the info attribute (yellow). This is the same was %W. %M Normal chat message (white). This will appear as if the user said it. %T Emote chat message (???). This will appear as if the user said it. %W Use the warning attribute (yellow). This is the same was %I. Within a line, any of the following format formatters may be used: %% Expand to a literal percent sign (%). %a Expand to the number of accounts on the server. %c Expand to the number of channels on the server. This includes all permanent and current temporary channels. %g Expand to the number of games on the server. This includes both public and private (passworded) games. %h Expand to the hostname of the server (as returned by gethostname(2)). %i Expand to this user's account ID number, formatted with a leading pound (#) sign and leading zeros. %l Expand to this user's current chat name which is usually the same %r Expand to the IP of the remote machine (the client). %t Expand to four character client tag. %u Expand to the number of users logged into the server. %v Expand to the version number of the server. SEE ALSO
bnetd(1) AUTHOR
Ross Combs ( 2 August, 2001 bntext(5)

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