New wrapper script will be developed to wrap two ksh scripts

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Old 03-16-2008
New wrapper script will be developed to wrap two ksh scripts

Hi friend,Smilie

The script should invoke these scripts sequentially!
When one will finish the second will start.

Please help me with it,

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Old 03-17-2008
These steps should get you started.

This should get you started:

1)Invoke the first script.
2)Check for the process id (If the first script is running).
ps -ef | grep "Process id"
3)If you get an output, sleep for "x" seconds.
4)If there is no output, the script has finished.
5)Still as a verifying criteria , you can create a empty file at the end of the script.
6)Check if the file has been created.
7)If the file has been created, start the second script.
8)Delte the empty file in the second script, which was created in the first script.

If you need more help, paste your code by trying above and we can help you.

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Old 03-17-2008
What's wrong with

# the shell waits until script1 finished, by design

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Old 03-17-2008
How about

script1 && script2

script2 will be executed only if script1 finished successfully.
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