how to? launch command with string of command line options

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Old 03-14-2008
how to? launch command with string of command line options

my description from another thread...
The other script I've got that I'd love to get working is one I wrote to combine a series of avi files using avidemux. to do this I wrote a script that takes the input files as the arguements, deduces the output file name and then because of avidemux's arguement procedure I have it create a set of strings that it needs to append to the call to avidemux for each file being added to the original. What I've done with this one is have it echo the required command to run which I can then copy and paste and it works fine, but it would be much nicer if I could get it to actually *launch* said command.
here's my code:

function OutputName() {
        echo $input
        input=`echo "$input" | sed -e 's/.[Aa][Vv][Ii]//'`
        input=`echo "$input".avi`

if [[ -z "@ARGV" ]]; then
        echo "arguements are files to combine"
        if [[ ! -e $1 ]]; then
                echo "no such input video!"
                first=`find "$1" -printf "%f"`
                echo "Input File Found!: $first"
        OutputName $first
        echo "Output video name will be: "$output_name""

options="--audio-map --force-b-frame --force-unpack --rebuild-index"


until [ -z "$1" ]
#       echo "$1"
#       echo "$appendlist"
        if [[ ! -e $1 ]]; then
                echo "no such input video! $1"
                filename=`find "$1" -printf '"%f"'`
                appendlist="$appendlist $options --append $filename"
#       echo "$appendlist"
#       echo

echo "avidemux2_cli --nogui $options --load \"$first\" $appendlist --force-smart --save \"$output_name\" --quit"

thanks for the help!
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Old 03-17-2008
I didn't read your code too carefully, so I could have missed something, but is there anything wrong with

echo 'some "command" --with options' | sh

You can have your variants, of course.

dhummy=`some "command" --with options`

fnord='some "command" --with options'
eval $fnord

etc etc.
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Old 03-23-2008
because I get this as the output:

../combine-0.1: line 50: avidemux2_cli --nogui --audio-map --force-b-frame --force-unpack --rebuild-index --load "inputfile1.avi" --audio-map --force-b-frame --force-unpack --rebuild-index --append "inputfile2.avi" --force-smart --save "inputfile.avi" --quit: command not found
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Old 04-01-2008
anyone know why this is failing?
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Old 04-28-2008
requesting help again, thanks!
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Old 04-28-2008
How exactly did you manage to produce that error message? It looks like you had double-quoted the whole command, where you shouldn't.

If you change it back to echo, doesn't ../combine-0.1 | sh do what you want?
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