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Old 03-06-2008
Fast way of find and replace, help

Hi All,

I have nearly 200 files in a directory, each file is of nearly of 5000 lines.
Each line of each file is having its 3rd field to be replaced by corresponding replace_string(2nd field of file1.out below).

-Search the 3rd field of each line of each of 200 files in file1.out, get the replace_string(2nd field of file1,out),
-replace that in each line(and in turn each file)

file1.out (is more than 5000 lines)

1204675041      1204675051
1204675042      1204675063
1204675111      1204675142
1204675112      1204675154
1204675113      1204675166
1204675114      1204675177
1204675115      1204675189
1204675116      1204675200
<nearly 5000 more lines>

$ ls | while read FILE
> do
> awk -F "|" '{print $3}' $FILE | while read TIME
> do
> TORP=`awk '$1=="'"$TIME"'" {print $2}' file1.out`
> awk 'BEGIN{OFS=FS="|"} $3=="'"$TIME"'" {$3="'"$TORP"'"}{print}' $FILE > $FILE.tmp
> done
> done

I tried using bash with AWK to do the same(like above), the performance is not that good(its just hanging).

Could anyone suggest me a fast search and replace technique considering my scenario.

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Old 03-06-2008
awk 'NR == FNR { fld[$1] = $2; next }
FNR == 1 { close(fn); fn = FILENAME }
$3 in fld { $3 = fld[$3] }
{ print > fn }' file1.out 1_of_200 2_of_200 ... # or *

Use nawk or /usr/xpg4/bin/awk on Solaris.
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