Removing leading zeros from a variable

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Old 02-27-2008
Removing leading zeros from a variable

How do I remove or add leading zeroa from a variable. To make variable 10 characters long when adding zeros.
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Old 02-27-2008
have a look at the command "tr"...

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Old 02-27-2008
You can use printf to add or remove leading zeros

$ printf "%05d\n" 5

$ printf "%d\n" 00005

$ printf "%010d\n" 00005
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Old 02-27-2008
Nothing worked, I am using K Shell
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Old 02-27-2008
Originally Posted by toshidas2000
Nothing worked, I am using K Shell
Nothing worked means, did you get any error or It didn't display anything?
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Old 02-27-2008
A awk one to remove leading 0's

$ echo "0000000231" | awk '{print $1 + 0}'

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Old 02-27-2008

 expr  "0000000231" + 0

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