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Old 02-12-2008
I'll try.


While the first field is the same, you have:

x[$1] is 0 
x[$1] is 1
x[$1] is 2

and so on ...

In Awk an uninitialized variable have the numeric value zero,
that's why when seen for the first time x[$1] is 0.

When the value of $1 changes the cycle is reinitialized.

$0=NR==1?$0:RS $0

This is a shortcut that I'm using as assignment (and could appear a bit confusing).

It means: assign to $0 (the entire record) the value of RS $0
(the default record separator - newline) and the record itself:
in other words: prepend a newline to the record if the record
is not the first record (otherwise you'll get a newline prepended
to the first record, because x[$1] will be 0).

It's the same as:

if (NR == 1)
  $0 = $0
  $0 = ("\n" $0)

As you know, an awk program looks like this:

pattern [or expression] { action }

So the above code says:


if x[$1]++ is true: is not 0 (for Awk 0 and NULL are false)

|| (logical OR, double pipe)

$0=NR==1?$0:RS $0 is true (and it's already assigned, while tested Smilie)
(in this case the above expression will always be true, guess whySmilie)


the action part is omitted which means use the default action:
print the current record.

Hope it makes sense ...

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Old 02-12-2008
In this case it could be even:


No space between RS and $0 Smilie
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Old 02-12-2008
Thanks Radoulov - I think I'm going to have to read it thru a few times before it sinks in tho Smilie

...I'm sure I'm on the cusp of really knowing awk so it's worth the time.

Thanks again,

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Old 02-12-2008
Thanks Radoulov - I think I'm going to have to read it thru a few times before it sinks in tho Smilie

...I'm sure I'm on the cusp of really knowing awk so it's worth the time.

Thanks again,

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