comparing the null values in the unix

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Old 02-11-2008
comparing the null values in the unix

hi all,

iam new to this forum.i have to submit the script please help me.

my requirement is to compare two null values..iam trying to compare two null values :One null value output of the storedprocedure and another iam giving spaces in script.

it is giving the error line 215: [: =: unary operator expected

Thanx in Advance.
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Old 02-11-2008
Not sure why compare null values!


Not sure why you are trying to compare null values. Smilie

I would suggest, you create a function & make it return "0" if success.
Then you can check for "ZERO" instead of any other value.

Hope this helps Smilie
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Old 02-11-2008
comparing the null values in the unix

its a client requirement.already all the stored procedures are created iam using those stored procedures.the return value is used some where else in the script if it retuns not a null value
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Old 02-11-2008
Plz give more info on script...

Would like to see the script & place where error is coming...

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Old 02-11-2008

I assume that its a oracle stored procedure, can you clarify the following points?

How can a stored procedure return any value? u mean to say tat ur using an OUT parameter and u wanna check whether it contains null value?

Is it possible to post ur script and specify ur requirement?
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Old 02-11-2008
This was the procedure declaration in unix script

#connecting to oracle database and inserting a row into btch_ctrl and getting the sequence value and
#storing it into the variable VALUE
VALUE=`sqlplus -silent $DbUserName/$DbPassword@$DbSchema <<END >$PathOfTempLstFile/TrdAcctSqlLog
set serveroutput on
set pagesize 0
set feedback off
set verify off
set heading off
set echo off
variable Acct_id varchar2;
variable curr_cfdc_parm_typ_cd number;
variable curr_org_id number;
exec dtstg.lkp_trd_acct_prc('$1','$2',$3,$4,$5,$6,:Acct_id,:curr_cfdc_parm_typ_cd,:curr_org_id);
print :Acct_id;

This was the call of storedproc

Lkp_Trd_Acct $NewAcctNbr_Lk $TrNbr_Lkp $Cty_Geo_Ref_Id_Us $BatchID 0 $CD_VAL_ID_PRCS_STEP_LOD_TRD_ACCT

it will stored this value in log
AcctID=`cut -f1 $PathOfTempLstFile/TrdAcctSqlLog

iam storing the return value into the variable AcctID.

then i am comparing that value with the null

if [ AcctID = " "]--- iam getting the error in this line
exit 0
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Old 02-11-2008
Need some more info..

(1) Check the value of "Acct_id" in procedure: dtstg.lkp_trd_acct_prc.
This is stored in your log $PathOfTempLstFile/TrdAcctSqlLog

exec dtstg.lkp_trd_acct_prc('$1','$2',$3,$4,$5,$6,:Acct_id,:curr_cfdc_parm_typ_cd,:curr_org_id);
print :Acct_id;

(2) Echo value of $AcctID after the below statement

AcctID=`cut -f1 $PathOfTempLstFile/TrdAcctSqlLog`
echo $AcctID

(3) Need to change the below.. you need to use $AcctID & based on
point(1) you need to change the condition

if [ AcctID = " "]--- iam getting the error in this line

Hope this helps Smilie
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