Killing of a process and send a mail if the process doesnot come up within 2 minutes

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Old 02-09-2008
Killing of a process and send a mail if the process doesnot come up within 2 minutes

Hi Friends,
I am new to this forum as well as new to shell scripting.
I have a problem here and i need someone to solve this.

Let us consider there are two processes(abc & def).There is a script which kills these two processes(i.e killtheprocess abc). Here abc is the argument .
There is a automated system which detects which process is killed and it starts the process up within two minutes.This is the summary.

Now what i want is:-
The program should contain these features:_
1. It will take the PID of the two process.
2. kill the process with the help of the script(killtheprocess). The
script should contain the two process names(i.e abc & def) .
3. After the process is killed, it should be able to detect if the two particular process has come up within two minutes by the help of the automated sytem
4. If the process comes up then it will send a mail to a group of people that everything is fine .
5. if the process doesnot come up then it should send a mail to a group of people that it needs to be manually started.
6. For confirmation that the process has indeed gone down and come up the two PIDs should be different.

It is urgent . Please help me out. If soemone needs some more clarification then please reply.

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Old 02-15-2008
what script languages do you have at your disposal? the bourne shell family (sh ksh bash zsh)? or cshell family (csh tcsh)? Or can you live with perl?
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