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Old 02-09-2008
squid anonymizer

some sites describe how to anonymize the squid the web browsing by inserting the following cods to “http.c” file that located on “src” directory.(when we install squid manually)
but I have installed putty via “yum” command ,
and the files and directories are not similar the manually
there isn't “Src” directory and also “http.c”
so please help me to find the related file that can I insert that anonymizer cods to it .

My VPS info :
Centos 5 default
The installed squid via “yum” is squid-2.6.STABLE6-5.el5_1
Its installed on etc/squid/
the file on this directory is :

the codes :
httpHeaderDelById(hdr_out, HDR_USER_AGENT);
httpHeaderDelById(hdr_out, HDR_REFERER);
httpHeaderDelById(hdr_out, HDR_X_REQUEST_URI);
httpHeaderDelById(hdr_out, HDR_X_FORWARDED_FOR);
httpHeaderDelById(hdr_out, HDR_X_CACHE_LOOKUP);
httpHeaderDelById(hdr_out, HDR_X_CACHE);
httpHeaderDelById(hdr_out, HDR_VIA);

thanks in advance
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digest_file_auth(8)					      System Manager's Manual					       digest_file_auth(8)

digest_file_auth - File based digest authentication helper for Squid. Version 1.0 SYNOPSIS
digest_file_auth [-c] file DESCRIPTION
digest_file_auth is an installed binary authentication program for Squid. It handles digest authentication protocol and authenticates against a text file backend. OPTIONS
-c Accept digest hashed passwords rather than plaintext in the password file CONFIGURATION
Username database file format: - comment lines are possible and should start with a '#'; - empty or blank lines are possible; - plaintext entry format is username:password - HA1 entry format is username:realm:HA1 To build a directory integrated backend, you need to be able to calculate the HA1 returned to squid. To avoid storing a plaintext password you can calculate MD5(username:realm:password) when the user changes their password, and store the tuple username:realm:HA1. then find the matching username:realm when squid asks for the HA1. This implementation could be improved by using such a triple for the file format. However storing such a triple does little to improve security: If compromised the username:realm:HA1 combination is "plaintext equivalent" - for the purposes of digest authentication they allow the user access. Password syncronisation is not tackled by digest - just preventing on the wire compromise. AUTHOR
This program was written by Robert Collins <robertc@squid-cache.org> Based on prior work by Arjan de Vet <Arjan.deVet@adv.iae.nl> This manual was written by Robert Collins <robertc@squid-cache.org> Amos Jeffries <amosjeffries@squid-cache.org> COPYRIGHT
This program and documentation is copyright to the authors named above. Distributed under the GNU General Public License (GNU GPL) version 2 or later (GPLv2+). QUESTIONS
Questions on the usage of this program can be sent to the Squid Users mailing list <squid-users@squid-cache.org> REPORTING BUGS
Bug reports need to be made in English. See http://wiki.squid-cache.org/SquidFaq/BugReporting for details of what you need to include with your bug report. Report bugs or bug fixes using http://bugs.squid-cache.org/ Report serious security bugs to Squid Bugs <squid-bugs@squid-cache.org> Report ideas for new improvements to the Squid Developers mailing list <squid-dev@squid-cache.org> SEE ALSO
squid(8), GPL(7), The Squid FAQ wiki http://wiki.squid-cache.org/SquidFaq The Squid Configuration Manual http://www.squid-cache.org/Doc/config/ digest_file_auth(8)