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reading lines in pairs from file in ksh

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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting reading lines in pairs from file in ksh
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reading lines in pairs from file in ksh

I need to read pairs of lines from a file and compare them. We can assume that the number of lines in the file is even. Can i do it in korn shell?
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Well, first, the obligatory question: is this a homework question? If so, we can't help you.

Assuming that it's not, can you show us what you've gotten so far?

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it's not a homework, it's a workwork. So far i got nothing as the only tool i know is while read, and it does not let you read the second line (as far as I know).

Is there is way to detect EOF in ksh?
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First try to Google on "compare files unix".
Once you have more specific questions, please return and we'd be more than happy to answer them!

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What is not specific here? And when you say "we" who exactly do you mean?

I doubt you read my question because it has nothing to do with comaring files.

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