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Old 02-08-2008
Originally Posted by matrixmadhan
read the file
split the record
use the third field
populate in a hash => this would maintain uniqueness
when displaying use sort keys %hash
Thanks for your input. Iam new to perl is it possible to give one simple example pls.
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Old 02-08-2008
sample code and file
try this

>cat b

#! /opt/third-party/bin/perl

open(FILE, "<", $ARGV[0]);

while(<FILE>) {
  my @arr = split(/\|/);


foreach my $k ( sort keys %fileHash ) {
  print "$k\n";

exit 0

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Old 02-08-2008
cut -d'|' f3 file_name | sort -u
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Old 02-08-2008
Sort and Unique in Perl

Almost same as MatrixMadhan's. Row count was not included, so the following code is just for completeness:

#!/usr/bin/perl -w
use strict;

# Program to get unique values for 3rd column and print them

open(FILE, "b.txt");

my %list = ();

   my @array = split(/\|/);


# Print out the results

foreach my $value (sort keys %list) {
   print "The unique values are $value\n";

print "Number of rows are ".keys(%list);

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Old 02-08-2008
Good examples already, this is just a more compact form of the same thing:

use warnings;
use strict;
unless ($ARGV[0]) {
    die "Usage: perl filename";
my %list = ();
print "$_ = $list{$_}\n" for (keys %list);

Uses perls optimized filehandling and no temp variables so should be fast and efficient.
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Old 02-08-2008
Thanks every one.
Thanks MatrixMadhan and MobileUser!!
Iam able to make use of the same code.
Thanks KevinADC, Just that, the count is comming for each entry of hash. I would like to have one count at the end. So that I can write the unique keys to a file and Count to a seperate header file.

Thanks again.
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Old 02-08-2008
Iam using lot of other packages in the script. So when I try to use it gives me an error.

PHP Code:
Global symbol "%list" requires explicit package name at line 19 
How to declare the hash variable in the script prior to declaration?
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