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Old 01-31-2008
Looping and using Sed

Hi guys

I having som problem trying to use sed to get a file and insert inside another one. I'll try to explain better.

I have a base.txt and using sed(having a array variables) I'm chaging some strings inside this file and saving as base1.txt. until here okay.
Then, I have to get this base1.txt and insert it inside another file called script.txt.
Well, If I didn't have any looping so far so good. Then, when the script restart, it has to change the base file again, with a different variable(until here okay), and then get this base1.txt again and insert at the same old file script.txt.

The problem is, Sed cleans out the file when I overwrite it. I tried to rename files, but I just can't reach the logic of doing this...
Any suggestion would be a lot appreciatted.

Thank you in advance.

Rodrigo Guimaraes
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Old 02-01-2008
Post an example of the original content of the files and the expected output you want.

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Old 02-03-2008
Hi Franklin,

Thanks for your attention.

this is the code

# Changing the Strings
sed -e s/INICIO/$startframe/g \
-e s/FIM/$endframe/g \
-e s/epXXX/ep${EP}/g \
-e s/scXXX/sc${SC}/g \
-e s/shXXX/sh${SH}/g \
-e s/NAME/${i}/g < ${tmpFolder}filesin_line.txt > ${tmpFolder}filesin_line1.txt
sed '$ r' '${tmpFolder}filesin_line1.txt'' < ${tmpFolder}filesin_line1.txt > ${tmpFolder}filesin_lineNEW.txt
rm ${tmpFolder}filesin_line1.txt

filesin_line.txt ( this is the first file that has to be inserted into the next one (filesin_lineNEW.txt ))

I don't know if I'm explaining right. But when the looping happens, sed can't overwrite the file (filesin_lineNEW.txt) and I don't know what do it to make sed add the previous modified file.

Please let me know if explanining well...sorry.
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Old 02-04-2008
It's still not clear to me, do you want to append filesin_line1.txt to filesin_lineNEW.txt?
In that case you can do something like:

cat filesin_line1.txt >> filesin_lineNEW.txt

If not, clarify your question.

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Old 02-04-2008
Computer Thanks!!!

Hi Franklin

I did a small test here outside the script with your line using cat and it seems it worked. Wow! That's great! Sometimes are so many commands that I get confused what to use...
Thanks a lot for your help and your attention Franklin.

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