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Old 01-30-2008
cronjob inside the script


can nayone provide me the sample script which can do the following tasks---
1) Utility will be run under sepecific owner.

2) This utility will clean files in $INTAS_INSTALL_DIR/envsw/logs. And following logs will be backed up or deleted.

All Log files and Core files

3) mt_clean -a<action> [-t <time>]* -L <backup location>

-a<action> - has two values "delete" or "backup”. If not specified by default "delete" action will*occur. If*"backup" option is given, files will be backed up on the location specified by the -L, -L is mandatory if back up option is specified.

-t<time>* - The time is given with the -t option and its default is 1am
A time of 'now' means to execute the cleanup operation now
A time of 'never' means that the cleanup operation should not be scheduled and any existing cleanup should be cancelled.

-L <backup location> -*this field is mandatory if backup action is selected.

Note: As middle tier process are running and not stopped while this utility is running, the utility should create an empty*file with same name which has deleted or backed up. Otherwise middle tier logs will not be generated until the middle tier process is restarted. Any core files will be backed up or deleted according to the action chosen.*
I will apperciate if anyone give me their valuable inputs.I guess this is not at all a big task for the experts in the forum so kindly help me out in this.
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Old 01-31-2008
Hi Experts,can you please look on my problem and provideme some solutions.this scriptis urgently required and will be a great help if anyone provide me that.

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Old 02-04-2008
can nayone give me some help in this please.if the requirement is not clear then please let meknow.
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Old 02-04-2008
Originally Posted by namishtiwari
can nayone give me some help in this please.if the requirement is not clear then please let meknow.
Maybe it is but it sounds like a homework question, what have you done to attempt to solve this problem yourself?

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