Use awk to create new folder in current directory

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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting Use awk to create new folder in current directory
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Use awk to create new folder in current directory

Alright, I am sure this is a laughable question, but I don't know so I am going to ask anyway.

I have a little script I am writing to take information from one source, recode it in a certain way, and print to files for each subject I have data for. This all works perfectly. I just want to put a little icing on the cake if you will and make is so no matter where I run the script, or on what computer, it will always send all of the output to a new folder in the current directory.

To be more specific. Lets say I am running the script in /home/research/.
Instead of sending the output to the current directory proper, I want to create a new folder to stuff it all in, so it is not intermingled with my other files. I travel a lot, so if I hardcode " > "iat_exp/" et "_" sn ".out", I get an error if the folder iat_exp does not exist yet.

So, I want my awk script to create that folder when it starts running.

I hope this is enough detail... I am an inexperienced scripter and am just using awk in cygwin on my xp laptop, although I am setting up my first Ubuntu box, so I am pretty excited about that.

Thanks all,
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CMDmkdir="mkdir -p " ROOT " 2>/dev/null"
file=ROOT "/" et "_" sn ".out"
print "foo" > file

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awk '{"mkdir iat_exp" | getline; print stuff}' inputfile > iat_exp/outputfile

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Thanks, but...

thanks so much guys!

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You can also make the directory in the BEGIN block

    "mkdir iat_exp" | getline
   print ....

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Originally Posted by ccox85
thanks so much guys!

A better version that sends errors to /dev/null if the directory "iat_exp" already exists.

awk '{"mkdir iat_exp 2>&-" | getline;print stuff}' inputfile > iat_exp/outputfile

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One more calling the system command

echo $a |awk '{system("mkdir directory");}'

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