creating reports using shell schell script

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Old 01-25-2008
creating reports using shell schell script

please advise..very urgent.

purpose of my script is that it should generate a report by running a sql script which is stored in a directory and pull the information from DB.script shld be in such a way that I just need to pass a parameter and it shld generate the report and store it in a directory in a particular format like date and time.

any inputs?

Appreciate any suggestions!!

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Old 01-25-2008
You must read up on syntax rules for the script language that You want to use. Your example looks like a mix of different languages and platforms to me. Have You tried to use a script for Windows written in VB (or something) and adapt it to unix/linux? Not much in this script will work...

First of all, what platform/OS are You on?
What script language or shell are You using?

If it really is ksh, please read up on it. Start from the basics, such as writing a "Hello World" program. I promise You, its worth it, because You have to start somewhere.

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