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Substring/Instring of a string with datestamp

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Old 01-24-2008
Substring/Instring of a string with datestamp


I have just started working on unix today. I want to get the instring of a string (filename).

Eg. JAN_BILS_PRINT_01-01-08.txt

Now i want to extract the datestamp from the file and convert the date to the format mm/dd/yyyy.

How do i do this? Please hel pme with this.

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Old 01-24-2008
using bash shell.

bash-3.2$ F="JAN_BILS_PRINT_01-01-08.txt"
bash-3.2$ F=${F:15:8}; F=${F//-//}; F=${F:1:5}20${F:6}; echo $F

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Old 01-24-2008
Thanks Murphy.

But I am working on ksh shell. The substitution doesnt seem to work on ksh.
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Old 01-24-2008
Just saw I missed the year part ...
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Old 01-24-2008
Originally Posted by bhalotias
Thanks Murphy.

But I am working on ksh shell. The substitution doesnt seem to work on ksh.
It works with ksh93 (a.k.a. /usr/dt/bin/dtksh on Solaris).
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Old 01-24-2008
A solution with sed:

sed 's!.*_\(..\)-\(..\)-\(..\)..*!\1/\2/\3!'

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Old 01-24-2008
An AWK solution

$ echo "JAN_BILS_PRINT_01-01-08.txt" | awk '{ printf("%s/%s/20%s", substr($0,16,2), substr($0,19,2), substr($0,22,2)) }'

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