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Old 01-23-2008
awk with multiple controls

Hi guys,

I have a file which is like this

020-10136044 07-11-26 15:31:22 TRXRMP TCMAGT82TCM		  LHFE1G76006AK3
020-10136044 07-11-26 15:31:25 CIMFSU TCMAGT82TCM	      RCS LHFE2G6H006AGP
020-10136055 07-11-26 08:43:21 TRXRMP TCMAGT82TCM		  LHFE2G6H005QV9
020-10136055 07-11-26 15:31:27 TRXRMP TCMAGT82TCM		  LHFE1G76006AKG
020-10136055 07-11-26 15:31:31 CIMFSU TCMAGT82TCM	      RCS LHFE2G6H006AH8
020-10136066 07-11-26 08:41:20 TRXRMP TCMAGT82TCM		  LHFE2G6H005QSI
020-10136066 07-11-26 15:32:16 CIMFSU TCMAGT82TCM	      RCS LHFE2G6H006AHN
020-10136066 07-11-26 15:32:16 TRXRMP TCMAGT82TCM		  LHFE1G76006ALB
020-10136070 07-11-26 15:27:32 TRXRMP TCMAGT82TCM		  LHFE1G76006AC6
020-10136070 07-11-26 15:30:28 TRXRMP TCMAGT82TCM		  LHFE1G76006AIM
020-10136070 07-11-26 15:30:29 CIMFSU TCMAGT82TCM	      RCS LHFE1G76006AIO
020-10136081 07-11-26 15:30:37 CIMFSU TCMAGT82TCM	      RCS LHFE2G6H006AFP
020-10136092 07-11-26 08:51:17 TRXRMP TCMAGT82TCM		  LHFE1G76005RCM
020-10136092 07-11-26 15:31:17 CIMFSU TCMAGT82TCM	      RCS LHFE2G6H006AG0
020-10136092 07-11-26 15:31:18 TRXRMP TCMAGT82TCM		  LHFE2G6H006AG3
020-10136103 07-11-28 15:08:53 CIMFSU TCMAGT82TCM	      RCS LHFE1G77000W02
020-10136114 07-11-28 07:52:26 TRXRMP TCMAGT82TCM		  LHFE1G770007P9
020-10136114 07-11-28 15:12:57 CIMFSU TCMAGT82TCM	      RCS LHFE2G6I0017M

The file is really big and I want to filter those lines where the first field and the third field are the same but the fourth field in these 2 lines is different. When this is happening the lines are one after the other. You can see an example to understand with the lines in red color.
So actually I need in my output only the lines marked with red.

My first thought is with an awk to create a double for loop but I am still having huge trouble to implement this.

Can somebody help????
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Old 01-23-2008
I thought of the following script but it seems that I have a syntax error.

awk -F" " '($1==prev1)&&($2==prev2)&&($3==prev3)&&($4!=prev4){print; prev1=$1 prev2=$2 prev3=$3 prev4=$4}' test.txt

Any ideas???
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Old 01-23-2008
awk '{a[NR]=$1;b[NR]=$3;c[NR]=$4;t[NR]=$0} END {for (i=2;i<=NR;i++){if ( a[i-1]~a[i]&&b[i-1]~b[i]&&c[i-1]!~c[i] ){print t[i-1];print t[i]}}}' infile

should work...

(use nawk or /usr/xpg4/bin/awk for solaris)
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Old 01-23-2008
It works great!!! Thanks
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