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Old 01-21-2008
Question about secure file transfer

Hi all, I am running a large scale business and some time I have to transfer large and very important data files to my business partner. I fear about my data because there are many of my business competitors who will definitely try to steal my important data. So there is huge amount of risk involved in sharing my important data on Internet. I recently heard about secure file transfer technique from my friend who is working in well established software company. Does anyone have any idea about what is Secure File Transfer (SFT) service and how does it work?
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libcurl(3)						      libcurl easy interface							libcurl(3)

libcurl-easy - easy interface overview DESCRIPTION
When using libcurl's "easy" interface you init your session and get a handle (often referred to as an "easy handle"), which you use as input to the easy interface functions you use. Use curl_easy_init(3) to get the handle. You continue by setting all the options you want in the upcoming transfer, the most important among them is the URL itself (you can't transfer anything without a specified URL as you may have figured out yourself). You might want to set some callbacks as well that will be called from the library when data is available etc. curl_easy_setopt(3) is used for all this. When all is setup, you tell libcurl to perform the transfer using curl_easy_perform(3). It will then do the entire operation and won't return until it is done (successfully or not). After the transfer has been made, you can set new options and make another transfer, or if you're done, cleanup the session by calling curl_easy_cleanup(3). If you want persistent connections, you don't cleanup immediately, but instead run ahead and perform other transfers using the same easy handle. libcurl 7.10.7 12 Aug 2003 libcurl(3)