How do i check if changes were made to a file using vi

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Old 03-10-2002
How do i check if changes were made to a file using vi

okay, heres the thing

I'm creating a script that I can use to create users. no, this is not a homework assignment or whatever it may seem. i'm just trying to master shell programming.

how can I pass arguments in a file to useradd?????

when i say arguments, I mean, all the arguments and options that is needed to create a user.

I would post my script on here but its just too much to type considering my linux system is installed on a separate hard disk and going back to restart my comp and waiting for it to boot up would be ridiculous

i will post the little bit i remember from the script so if you can help me from the information I supply, please do:

echo -n "Enter user Comment: "
read comment
echo -n "Enter user's home directory: "
read hdirectory
echo -n "Enter user's group: "
read group
echo " "

useradd -c "$comment" -d $hdirectory -g $group

note: (remember, this isn't the whole script)

the question is, how do I save the options and arguments that come after the useradd command in a file and then have the options passed to useradd so useradd can act upon it.

also, how can I have the user go back to the previous prompt when making a user. say, am creating a user using the full version of the script i posted above, how can the user go back to the previous prompt and correct his/her mistake.

to the Admins, Please do not delete or close this thread. THIS IS NOT AN HOMEWORK OR JOB ASSIGNMENT OR ANYTHING THAT GOES AGAINST YOUR POLICY.

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Old 03-11-2002
What shell are you using? What OS?

Each time you read a variable, it should be set in that variable
Example (from your script):

echo -n "Enter user Comment: "
read comment

You then use this variable in the useradd command:

useradd -c "$comment" -d $hdirectory -g $group

The $comment should put the information set in the variable comment. If you wanted to put all this into a file (separate it using a character you KNOW will NEVER be in the password file)
then just echo "$user;$comment;$group;$hdirectory" >> myfile

Note the >>. If you use just one > then what ever the last entry is will be the only thing in your file. >> appends to the end of the file.

Post back if I haven't answered all your questions.

And please let me know why you posted a question of how to get information into the comment portion when you had it in your script correctly (using quotes).
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