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put a icon/command in menu bar

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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting put a icon/command in menu bar
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put a icon/command in menu bar

Hey everyone Smiliemy problem is i want to add a command and icon to the menu panel, normally in gnome you would just right click, add to panel etc.
What i want to do is, for example , put say firefox plus a icon in the menu bar by using a bash script, what would be the command, to do this.
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what OS/window manager are you using?
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Hi its gnome in fedora
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i'm useless then... can't you track down a resources file in your home directory in ~/.gnome/ or something ?
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yes im at present pulling apart a srcrpm hopefully it should tell me
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solved it
all i had to do was actually make the launcher then copy it to /usr/share/applications etc and it appears, in the menu,Smilie basically its just a simple cp etc to etc in the script if you know what i mean.

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