No Password script should exit

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Old 01-16-2008
No Password script should exit

Hello folks

This is the code iam working on rite now.
echo "username : "
read username
echo "password :"
read pwd

I just need some help with this code.After reading both the input I want to check if they have value or the user just pressed enter key with out entering any value. if there is no value then the script should exit.

Thanks a lot for helping me guys

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Old 01-16-2008
dunno what shell you're using.. I use ksh and would do something like-

echo "username : "
read username
echo "password :"
read pwd

if [[ ${#pwd} -lt 1 ]]  # checks if the length of $pwd is greater than 1
then exit 1                # if it's not, then exit
fi                             # or you could just to if [[ $pwd = "" ]] or                                                         
                               # something... i left my unix book at work!

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