Help on how to call a utility from script

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Old 01-15-2008
Help on how to call a utility from script


I am new to shell scripting (sh)
I need a script which will call a utility & once u call it.It will ask for inputs on the screen.These inputs it needs to get or read from a txt file.

for e.g
#! /bin/sh
while read line
echo $line

txt file will have

pls can u help me on how to call any utility or program from script and read file for inputs.

Thks in adv.
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Old 01-15-2008
Suppose that you have a script like this:

#more blah

In this case, your utility will ask for input from the user and your script will not proceed till your utility completes - the 'more blah' section will be run only after the utility exits. If you want to provide the input to utility, then do this:

/path/to/utility <<EOF
input 1
input 2

Sorry, you are using a text file, I missed that. Do this:

/path/to/utility < /path/to/txt_file
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Old 01-16-2008
Thks.I will try it & let you know.

/path/to/utility < /path/to/txt_file
input 1 ----is this step required?
input 2----is this step required?
EOF----is this step required?

I will write something like this. script based on ur advise as below.
#! /bin/sh

/path/to/utility < /path/to/xyz.txt

xyz.txt will have
test (filename to be passed as a parameter)
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Old 01-20-2008
Thks ,It worked.Now a some modification to script is required.Pls can you help.

Earlier i was reading from the txt file and giving inputs to the utility.
Now i need to create i.e write .txt file & then use this txt file to give the inputs to the directory.

Basically the txt file will be a calender creation. how to i do it.if filename,frm_date,to_date,interval

where filename = .txt filename

so it should create a two month calender if interval is 2 then alternate day

if interval is blank it should be a daily calender i.e all days.
and the script should have date check of 30/31 day & leap year check.

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