select a portion of a file into a CSV

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Old 01-16-2008
because you don't have GNU
this version works in Solaris "broken" awk
awk '{
       a=index($0,"<LDATE>" )
       ldate=substr($0,a+length("<LDATE>"), b - length("</LDATE>") )
       ltime=substr($0,c+length("<LTIME>") , d-c-length("</LTIME>") )
       print ldate,ltime
       ## do LTEXT yourself.
}' file

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Old 02-28-2008

sed 's/<LDATE>//;s/<\/LDATE>/,/;s/<LTIME>//;s/<\/LTIME>/,/;s/<LTEXT>//;s/<\/LTEXT>/,/;s/name:.*city://;s/;ph.*$//' filename
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